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Myopia Control

Nearsightedness (or myopia) is a condition where you cannot see well at a distance, even though you might have great vision at near. It’s the most common reason why we need glasses or contact lenses. The incidence of myopia is increasing…rapidly. Though many of the general public may not know it, today we are facing something called the Myopia Epidemic. eyeball

In the early 1900’s, the incidence of myopia was about 5%, which means that only about one out of every twenty people was nearsighted. However, today it is almost 50%, in other words, every other person is now nearsighted. In fact, it’s even worse in the East…in Seoul & Beijing, 98% of people are now nearsighted.

Why? First of all, this rapid increase cannot be accounted for by genetics alone. Even though our genes do have an influence, there have not been enough generations in that time to account for such an increase. Factors such as our reduced time outdoors as well as the almost constant use of digital devices might play a role.

So why is it called the Myopia Epidemic? Kids today do need stronger glasses, but that is not a big deal, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, there are many other disorders linked to myopia (nearsightedness). The risk for retinal detachment, macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma is greatly increased by being more nearsighted. For example, retinal detachment is 40x more prevalent for a -5.00 D myope. For those with powers of -9.00 you are 349x more likely to have a retinal detachment. Indeed, this is an epidemic!

Can anything be done? Yes! You can now help put the brakes on. Researchers have found ways to slow down this myopia progression. Whether it be progressive glasses, special contact lenses, or eye drops (or a combination), we utilize the latest of myopia progression control methods. Your child does not have to be a victim of high myopia.